Watering Bulbs

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We want to introduce to you this incredible Watering Bulbs. It waters your plants automatically and naturally! One of our customers described how it works perfectly, so we are excited to share this review with you!

"I want to complement the review of this miracle, which works thanks to simple laws of physics. If you, like me first, don't really understand why it should work, here's a little exercise in physics: This device should be installed in already wet ground. When it is dried, the water is saturated with droplets of oxygen, and water from the autowatering leaves their place. If even shorter: when the soil in the pot dries, the water from this glass bulb takes up the place absorbed earlier. So, I bought this thing for cyclamen. Mine need watering every 2 days, and with this thing, he stood for a week (that is, full 3 watering)!!! I'm thinking about ordering this autowatering for other plants. So the seller Thank you very much." 

This could be the perfect gift for your friends who forget to water their plants! Or if you are not embarrassed to admit, that friend could be you. We know we struggle sometimes with watering our plants because we know life just gets busy sometimes and it happens.

Some of our friends share that they love plants, but they are usually ending up killing them because of lack of watering. Once you try this product, you will wonder how you ever lived without this eco friendly product! This would work so well with your indoor house plants that you could put on your green home solution products.

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