Sliding Window Shelf

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Our most innovative product that we are proud to offer, your own sliding window shelf, or a mini sliding greenhouse! We love this sustainable product because it is gives us the ability to grow our plants by using the light coming through the window. We also do not have to worry about it being too cold, because we already heat our living space so we know our plants will not be harmed! 

  • This is a perfect alternative for your plants that need to be put inside for the cold winter month!
  • It is perfect if you are looking for a way to express your creativity and want something to stand out in your room or living room
  • Imagine using as blinds and using ivy's! Just imagine the sun rays going through it and creating lively views! 
  • Still gives you access to your window! Just slide it over for some time with no hassle. 

The inspiration behind creating this product came when we could not find a fitting shelf to use by our window. We wanted to make something that would stand out and would make our room livelier. Also, embarrassing to admit, but we did not have many decorations when we moved to our new place and wanted something that would decorate our room properly. After some thought and experimentations, we were able to build it and it worked fabulously!

We think that plants are one of the main ways we can make our apartments/houses/living spaces livelier and therefore think that this product would help many people with that.

One of our other aspirations although indirectly, is to raise the awareness of the condition of our planet through bringing people closer to nature by bringing it and interacting with it within our living areas. Sustainability is at high priority in our store and we hope to provide you with the most sustainable products we can find.

Please leave us a note with special instructions. We can work with you to ensure you are happy with this product.

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