Propagation Vases

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These propagation vases can really turn into art in the right hands. Coming in many shapes and sizes, these vases can fit any plant you want to propagate! They will do well on walls, your cabinets or even on the side of your bookshelf.

It does not matter where they are they are destined to be eye catching and unique. Bringing these as gift to a friends would show that you love them by bringing them also a piece of you most loved plant for them to plant later. These vases are great for those who want to take their favorite plants and make more of them instead of buying them in the store. We are all about efficiency and caring for the environment therefor we hope you find this product as appealing as we do.

The vases are made out of glass and could fit enough water for a plant for roughly 2 weeks.


*Plants are not included

LIMITED TIME ONLY. Not sold in stores.


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