Macrame Plant Hanger

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Show case you Ivy! They do not get enough credit for how beautiful they can be, and the Macrame Plant Hanger can do them a service. Of course, these are not limited to just Ivy plants, but we cannot just stop admiring how Ivy looks in those!

This can be used also as a gift, imagine gifting a hanging Ivy to your friends and making their room livelier! Every new place needs a plant and there is no better option than a hanging one in this plant hanger that will not take any room. It would serve as an ideal decoration.

Handcrafted rope: the plant hangers are made of sturdy and durable natural jute, with hollowed-out design, contracted and fashionable, they can match with any modern or conventional style.

Has a strong flexible woven design that can accommodate various shapes and sizes of planters, Ideal for flowerpot from 5.9" up to 7.8" in diameter. (POTS NOT INCLUDED)

Key ring: there is a key ring at the top of the rope for convenient hanging in a ceiling or against a wall, available in many places- balcony, window, iron shelf, office room, living room, garden, etc.

Hanging plant holder can be used for living room, kitchen, hall, patio, high and low ceiling.

It is made out of cotton rather than polyester, making it an ecofriendly product. This product would biodegrade and will not wash up into the ocean. You can have a guilt free purchasing this sustainable product and sleep easy at night.

Note: We like having a few of those hanging baskets in one place at different heights. It brings something to the room that ordinary standing plants are unable to do. Because of this, it is much easier to express your creativity and your personality. Ivy’s are not the only plants that would look good in it, but many other ones as well. Suspended plants add lively view on different levels in a living space making it eye catching. Imagine the compliments you would receive from your guest who walk into your lively living space.



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