Ceramic Pot Set

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This ceramic pot set is a great way to add color to your lively space. With all the variations possible, it is up to you and your imagination to how it will be used. Let your creativity take charge and let yourself enjoy the outcome. Later when you are sitting and admiring what you have done please remember to thank yourself. This set comes in 6 colors, all different and we cannot change it because we decided to have it as a set of different colors. The material is ceramic which makes it an ecofriendly product. Sustainability is key for us and we love that we can offer an non plastic product.
  • It is a mini ceramic potted plant, with minimalist design, this potted plant is very charming and eye-catching.
  • There is a small hole under the flower pot, and the excess water in the pot will flow out in time.
  • Ideal for storing succulents, herbs, and attention: plants are not included in this project.
  • Suitable decorate the home interior and exterior display your floral arrangements.
  • Set on any table, counter, balcony, or desk to bring natural beauty to your home or office, a great gift for your friends who love planting or animal.
6 Pcs *flower pot

Plants are not included.


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