Cactus Air Humidifier

Regular price $39.99

Are you tired of generic humidifiers? So are we! That is why we are proud that we found this gem of a humidifier to offer to our lovely plant loving community! In the winter when heat is on and it gets dry, this is the plant's life savior. It is necessary to keep them satisfied so they are able to survive the dry winter. The humidifier is needed also in dry climates out west as well, so do not underestimate its need. 

The best part is that this humidifier can blend it among the plants and not be a nuisance. Esthetics is why most of us are getting the plants in the first place so not being able to match the humidifier in an area is a waste. An added advantage to add to the appeal is that this humidifier can also be used as a night lamp as it is lights up in a deem light. 

Check it out, it is truly immersive and a must have, so shop now!