Straw Baskets

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If you got plenty of pots that are so so looking, consider getting these straw baskets and changing things up! Perfect for those who have plastic generic pots and want to inexpensively add texture and color!

This basket could be also part of a gift that you could give to your friends with a plant already inside, carrying it would be easier and the looks of it would bring a smile to your friends.

What we love about this product is that it is made of straw which makes it an ecofriendly product unlike the plastic pots it might cover. It is made of natural materials by hand, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless These baskets also fold and when not in use are easy to put away. It can be used as a storage basket to hold blankets, clothes, books, handbags, etc. It is a good home decoration, who does not like an all round eco friendly product?

The colors are natural which do not steal the shine from your plants and add to the texture and the natural look of the room.

Because It is a hand-knitted product, there may be extra joints and slight chromatic aberrations, which are normal.

The sizes are:

  • For a small basket, it is 7.9(20cm) inches long, 8.7(22cm) inches wide in the middle and its 6.7(17cm) inches wide at the opening.
  • For a Medium basket, it is 9 (24cm) inches long, 10.6(27cm) inches wide in the middle and its 9(23cm) inches wide at the opening.
  • For a Large basket, it is 11(28cm) inches long, 12.6(32cm) inches wide in the middle and its 10.2(26cm) inches wide at the opening.
  • For a XL basket, it is 13.4(34cm) inches long, 14.9(38) inches wide in the middle and its 11.8(30cm) inches wide at the opening.
  • For a XXL­ basket, it is 15.7(40cm) inches long, 17.7(45cm) inches wide in the middle and its 14.2(36cm) inches wide at the opening.

As you can see we got you covered with sizes that range from 8 inches to 15 and would fit your indoor plants as well as the outdoor ones. If you are creative enough, you could even hang those baskets and have ivy growing down from it. We quite like how it looks with our snake plants and think of it as a little sweater for our plants’ roots for the cold seasons.



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