Barrel Planter

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Add a vintage/rustic look to your home, garden, and patio with these 2 rustic barrel planters. This planter is ideal for flowers, big vegetables, and plants to complement your outdoor and indoor décor. These barrel planters are made from sturdy wood, they are weather-resistant meaning they will not rot. ​The antique burnt finish will add a rustic country appearance to your garden and outdoor living. What is more, this could also be used for other purposes and not just for plants, such as storage for tools, storage for pet food etc.

Wooden barrel planter could become a place for large plants. They will look very original on a terrace or in a covered gazebo. Usually, the barrels can flower beds.

Bring a rustic touch to any landscape with these barrel planters. Each planter conveniently has cracks in between the wooden pieces that would drain excess water and maintain optimal soil moisture. Ideally, these planters would just be used as a secondary planter into which other planters are added for ideal indoor décor.

We love this ecofriendly product as it brings the best out of our plants. The rustic natural wooden color adds to the green colors of our plants. It is also convenient to just pick it up and move all the plants inside to different locations. We love using the two wooden barrels to decorate our entrances because we can fit quite a bit of flowers in it.

Another option is to give these two-barrel planters to your friends, which is guaranteed to bring a smile to their faces! Imagine just all the personalized touches you can add to it and all the creativity you could express using these.

*Plants are not included

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