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Here at Lively Views we have a mission for you to have fun, be yourself and make your home your own. Express your personality (or your loved ones) through our big selection of lively gift ideas. Got a plant enthusiast in your life? We have the perfect gift for them: our basket planter with ceramic red flowers on it. Do you have a friend that loves propagating his green babies? Then they will adore our propagation station! Or perhaps you have a coworker who has the need for everything to look tidy? Then check out our floating shelves that would make their office look tidy, clean and homey. Say goodbye to plain, boring, orange pots and say hello to our unique indoor plant pots and green room décor that expresses who you are.

Here At Lively Views Our Customers Are Our #1 Priority

Yes. We love our customers even more than we love our Indoor gardens! And that's saying something ;) In addition to keeping prices as low as possible, while sourcing a huge selection of lively, indoor garden décor, we also aim to provide fantastic customer service. We process orders within 24 hours so that you start leveling up your green room to express yourself. Got a question? We are happy to help. You can email us, you can message us on Facebook live chat and one of our team members will get back to you ASAP. We love our plants but we love our customers even more!